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December 6, 2012, Thursday

No more fish?

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Cats can't really do that "puppy dog eyes" thing too well. Unless you're Puss in Boots.

Stronger than the temptation of catnip is that of fresh fish. Dried fish don't really cut it for fluffy predators.

Sincerest apologies for just disappearing for a week. I have five updates prepared and they will be up as some as I can get the bleepity bleep bleep scanner cooperating again.

Now to do some 'splaining.

The company my husband was subcontracted out to just pulled the plug on all subcontractors, so we had to move to a different company where subcontractors can still work.

Then when we got back, we had some fun with one doctor not writing the correct prescription, a severe blood sugar spike and diabetic ketoacidosis, a hospitalization to stabilize that, the doctor on duty refusing to do anything because the shift change was an hour away and nearly going full DKA again, ICU to fix that, the nurse then not feeding the patient while pumping them full of insulin, a blood sugar drop to 21, and then finally us just fleeing the hospital before anything got worse.

In short, I do not trust doctors, nurses, or hospitals as far as I can drop-kick them. And I don't like my stupid scanner either!

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