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December 13, 2012, Thursday

Mad Uncle

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Ryoichi likely realizes he can go back to eating fresh bird again.

Blood is thicker than water, as they say. Wings are a bit of a sensitive subject too. What, with it being the primary way to hunt, escape, woo a potential mate, and all.

I love drawing her with her hair down. She strongly resembles her dad when she wears it like that. Not that it was intentional to ditch the ponytail momentarily. Her hair shrinks when she shifts Feral. Her hair tie is lying around somewhere...

Oh, the eyelash dilemma! Go for realism and risk making him look pretty? Draw a thick, black, angular line around the outer edges of the eyes and make him look like he's wearing eyeliner? Or don't do anything and make him look bald? Going for both is intentional. Opted for realistic eyelashes because the skin around his eyes has turned black, like a dog's eyes.

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