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January 3, 2013, Thursday

Fruitless Search

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There was a hole further in the cave. She slipped out deeper into the woods than they expected.

Who says you can't go home? I imagine it won't be very safe. When his mother finds out he didn't come running home as soon as he was allowed... *shudder*

I love how pine trees smell. I don't like how they drip sap on your head, or leave it all over their roots so when you step on it barefooted it takes three days of hard scrubbing to get it off, or fall over easy due to lack of a proper taproot, or how bloody difficult it is to draw their needles. But they do smell nice. And their needles are fun to play with when they fall off.

Once had a teacher in school tell me that pine trees don't shed their needles in autumn. Um, they do. Just because they don't go bald doesn't mean they don't do some extra shedding during autumn. Might have been the same teacher that told me you can't hear the "l" in "milk" and that birds of prey never glide.

Getting this page done was very iffy. Husband got the flu and then I got a mild case of it from him. (Thank you, hospitals, for all the good you've done us lately! Wouldn't have gotten it if there hadn't been a recent hospitilization.) Instead of the usual symptom of "I want to crawl in a hole and die" that everybody else gets, I got the "O wondrous, beautiful bed whose fluffy pillows and warm blankets are as heaven on earth!" Probably took advantage of the sleep thing a bit too much, but I was pretty weak and dizzy if I didn't.

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