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January 24, 2013, Thursday

Shanku got HIS goat...

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Layout break! Haven't done that in a while.

Mr. Fuzzball just made himself doubly scary. Yet another council deciding her punishment! She hasn't had much luck with that in the past.

Meet the Highland Kurach! Like the Sylvans, they have two long feathers on each wing near their tail. The largest of the breeds, and, naturally, the ones with the largest territory. Not to mention the largest aggression levels when you trespass. Especially when one of their flocks are involved. They are also very hairy. Hairiest of the five. In feral form, like this fuzzball, they have something of a unkempt mane.

As Shanku is presently horrified by feral form, she is pretty skittish of the giant fuzzball. Had to rethink his armour. Can't fly in steel very well. Too heavy. Some light leather won't effect him much.

The land in this scene is based on Colorado. I wish everybody had a chance to go on a nature tour. I've been through over half the states in the USA, and there is some beautiful countryside to see. Can't speak for the rest of the world, since I've never been out of the nation, but pictures show there are some gorgeous scenes to behold all over the place. Where I live now I'm lucky enough to have a stream run at the edge of the backyard. Lots of trees, open skies, the sound of running water (if it rains enough to keep the stream up), and birds and frogs and crickets chirping when it's warm enough. Good times.

But if you have bad allergies or just don't like being outside, um, I guess I hope you never have to leave the house? Emotie: ^_^;

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