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February 14, 2013, Thursday

Meet and Greet, Show and Tell

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Love old English! Heaven help me if I ever figure out how to do it right. For all the bitching and complaining about the Bible, the King James and 1611 versions are pretty good for studying old English.

Sargund's facial fur reminds me of both a lynx and a schnauzer. Sargund looks rather angry from the side, but straight on, not so much. I blame the fabulous eyebrows. If I were an old guy, I would cultivate my eyebrows into wonderful bushes. And then spend my Friday nights trying to scare the daylights out of kids. But, I be a she, and I have my old years planned! Cookie-bearing grandma always crocheting something. Gonna be some good years. Mmhmm!

Kol is starting to look like Jakko to me. Too bad he doesn't have the same disposition.

Ya know what's harder than normal perspective? Curved walls and circular tiled floors. Artists are, without a doubt, masochists.

All these bricks remind me of a time in Sunday School. I was probably five or six and we all had a coloring page of the Wall of Jericho. There was a lot of empty space around the characters that was full of bricks, and I was coloring through all of them instead of brick by brick like the other kids. The teacher did not approve. "Why don't you color in the lines like the other kids?" It's a wall. What does it matter?

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