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October 31, 2013, Thursday


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Clucking gryphons. I have now stooped to clucking gryphons. Is there no hope for this comic!?

More often than not, this is a "talking heads" comic. The characters sit or stand around and discuss stuff. But every so often, we get scenery! Yay, scenery!

Happy Hallowe'en and Samhain! Be safe, have fun, munch some candy. Emotie: :)
(And happy Beltane to our southern hemisphere friends.)

Sincerest apologies this is posted a day late. While the move finished in time to allow for me to prep and post this page, I had a few commissions to do and I'm still behind on homework. Not too concerned about the homework, I'm dropping out after this semester, at least until the baby is older. Ever try to concentrate with a toddler and have a school promise you all your classes are online yet ask you to come to campus every other week anyway despite the fact you don't have a babysitter unless your husband misses work and you don't have the gas money to go in the first place? It's not pretty.

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