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November 7, 2013, Thursday


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Rin goes in for a head-to-head with the gryphons now that he's not grounded while Shanku and the big little guy sneak off.

A week late, I know, I'm sorry. Still playing catch-up with school, I had a really bad weekend when I planned to work on the comic, and I've had a few commissions to do over the past two weeks. Right now, I'm in such a tight financial situation that any unpaid work MUST take a back-burner to paid work so I can keep the power on and food on the table.

So, um, if you have some extra change, want to commission some artwork? If you think I'm a psycho stalker, I can email the large resolution copy to you. If you don't think I'm a psycho stalker, I can mail the original pencil work to you.

...Some of you are now thinking I'm a psycho stalker because I brought it up, aren't you? Emotie: XD

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