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November 21, 2013, Thursday

Banquet Invitation

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I'm sure some of you are wondering how to throw a banquet for giants. Big tables, of course. BIIIG tables. And a few dozen moose or whatever oversized varmint you can find. The original design for the mountain city was very Greek. Columns and arches everywhere. Thought I'd bring it back in the formal area.

Phew! Ashe has been busy! I have lots of commissions, thank you so much those who are able to commission me! And a thank you to those of you who wanted to but couldn't. I fully understand money woes! One thing that's really helped my finances is the power bill now due mid-month instead of the first of the month. Bills are so much easier when spread out all over the place instead of all due at once.

I have had so many fun and interesting orders. Happy couples, dogs, horses, OCs, and even a house. That was probably the most surprising. Never really attempted architecture before but it didn't really show in the drawing. I hope.

And some of the OC ones have been very helpful. I finally figured out why I hate my Kurach's hind legs: they're too short! Expect a slight difference in proportions from here on out. It's also made me more comfortable with the whole "furry" thing. My first introduction to furry culture was being accused of yiffing and bestiality just because I drew animals. Not a good way to start things off.

Anywho, Decemember 13th is the deadline for commissions this year. After that, I'll be busy with holidays and getting ready for my seasonal job to kick in. Taxes, yay, *yawn*. But taxes are my bread and commissions are my butter. The comic is that free peppermint Sonic tosses into the bag. Emotie: =P

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