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December 5, 2013, Thursday

Miss ya like a sore thumb.

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A few last teases before she carries on. And she is now 17. *sniff* Little Shankie is growing up so fast!

How do you put a backpack on a winged thing? Single strap down the back and detachable straps at the hips, of course.

The Highland are probably used to the snow. Shanku hasn't hunted in snow since... well, ever. Her first winter away from family was spent in Wynfall and after that she was in the care of humans in the subtropics and tropics. Being in the subtropics myself, I can verify that snow is frustratingly rare.

I know I do a lot of landscape shots of the mountains. What can I say? It's a favorite thing for me to draw. The formal clothes of the giants, however... *shudder*. Nice to look at, not nice to draw.

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