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February 20, 2014, Thursday

New Terrain

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No trees, no wind breaker. It may seem odd she can store that whole cloak in her bag on top of her other gear. But you must remember that despite her tomboyish demeaner, Shanku is still a female, and therefor by default carries a Bag of Infinite Holding. Emotie: :D

Thought I'd let everybody know it was very tame last update. When I went to bed, there was a beautiful winter wonderland outside my window with gorgeous snow and ice formations on the trees and bushes. The next morning, I wake up to the world's biggest slushie and what appeared to be the remains of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man all over my yard. The troubles of living in a subtropical climate! Emotie: :(
(I can almost feel the glares from the northern readers. Gimme yo snow!)

There is still hope for another good snow! They say our weather patterns have been very similar to our '93 Blizzard and our good snows are usually in March. I don't want a blizzard, but something that lasts more than a night would be nice.

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