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May 1, 2014, Thursday

That was embarrassing...

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Those are vines around the deer. Shanku isn't in the habit of carrying rope. Yet.

Yup, it's a she. Kind of hard to tell on reptiles sometimes.

Let's temporarily ignore the "update on Thursdays" thing and focus on "once a week" or "50 pages a year". Still struggling with timing around the new job. Technically, I'm working three. First and foremost, I'm a freelance artist. Doesn't always get to come first, but I want it to. Second, I'm still employed at the tax firm and have some bookkeeping duties. Third, I'm a receptionist/accountant at heating and cooling company. Keeps the bills paid, but barely.

I need a vacation. Emotie: XP

Since I do have extra income, I don't have as much pressure to gain commissions, so I'm lowering the bar on the amount needed for bonus short stories. Also, I'm sending out newsletters now on, so go sign up for a coupon code each month if you're thinking about ordering a commission from me. I only send out six emails a year, so your inbox isn't going to get blown up. I'm not too fond of spam myself!

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