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May 15, 2014, Thursday

Homing Beacon

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How else do you expect large canids to keep track of each other?

It's fun figuring out how to work search engines. Like, "when does winter start in Alaska?" Of course it would return the answers from all the people who completely missed the point of the question. "Winter starts on the same date all over the world." Bleh. I really don't like the internet sometimes. First, it's by hemisphere. Summer on one end, winter on the other. Second, the point of the question was when the snow and cold weather starts in. Ya know, the winter weather. In example, here in Alabama, the general joke goes we get 2-4 weeks of spring and autumn and the rest of the time it's summer and winter. Mostly summer. Sometimes even in the winter, but this winter it stayed below 70°F. And mostly in the 14°F to 40°F range to give many people $300+ power bills even if they kept the thermostat on 65°F. I speak from experience on that one...

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