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May 22, 2014, Thursday

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Heheh, that really was the best line I could come up with. Sometimes you simply must be silly! Emotie: XD

Don't worry, Shanku and Dakota won't be barefoot for long.

Okay, I don't think DrunkDuck has fully recovered from that last massive blackout, and it's not worth my time as much to upload there. (Are my three readers there even still on the site??) I'm going to slow the DrunkDuck updates to once per ten pages (roughly once a month). As I finish a chapter on the main site, I'll come back and upload it. So if you don't mind being patient over there, hang around. If not, you're welcome to read the comic here.

Chapter Notes:
Now, are these two siblings or is Ashe actually capable of making a Kurach/Kurach relationship?

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