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June 5, 2014, Thursday

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Shanku's one true talent. Eating.

Why do I keep making round structures for my characters to live in? Why!? Shanku learned more during her stay with the Highland than I did, that's for sure.

I'd read somewhere the dome house is supposed to be pretty sturdy. So I thought, why not? There's plenty of snowfall here and igloos are dome-shaped too.

Oh goodness, I can't believe I forgot to upload this! It's been ready for a few days. Well, been a wild week, what with getting fired for not letting the boss's son pull my hair or slap me for not letting him pull my hair. Of all the stupid things to lose a job over... And that guy was thirteen years older than me! What a loser. Don't work with drug addicts if you can avoid it. They be craaazy.

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