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June 19, 2014, Thursday

Raiding Sylvans?

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So it would seem that not all Sylvan hide in their caves and growl at passersby.

I hear that bear is very tasty.

Lookie there, I didn't upload the same page twice again! *facepalm* Thank you to the two of you that notified me of that. Who knows how long it would have been before I caught that blooper. Haven't made that one before, let's hope I don't make it again.

If you will look below the comic, you will find the progress updates for the short story "How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet". At present, most of the images are drawn and very few have been colored. You can read the free version in the store with only the front and back cover. When all the images are drawn and colored, the full version will arrive in the store and be sent off to Ka-Blam. With any luck, this time they won't mesh my proof copy with another comic and ship the whole thing to Canada or give me fits about the title.

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