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July 10, 2014, Thursday

But the dri won't ne'ermind me!

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Huata had the easy job.

And cue the people to tell me that the yak looks like a horse like they did about the Urych. Emotie: XP

I finally got Charter to give me my $100 refund when their morons in bill pay cashed my $40 check for $140, when they wouldn't me on hold so they don't have to listen to me point out how rude and inconsiderate that was. Now imagine how much better of a mood I was in after getting interrupted then having to listen to their advertisements for ten minutes.

It'll be a solid two weeks that I was a hundred short, because it takes a while for checks to clear the bank. Screw you, Charter. With a cactus. If you need a loan so badly, pay 30%+ APR like everybody else. Why is dial-up the only alternative around here? I guess there's satellite, but I've been on satellite, and with the lag time it's about the same speed as dial-up with the added bonuses of download limits and going out during heavy cloud cover.

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