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July 31, 2014, Thursday

Should we cheat?

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Trouble's a brewin'! Mmmm... piney.

Chapter Notes:
This chapter presented a real problem during thumbnailing. For every other chapter in this series, I had the comic first and the written/book part with all the extra goodies later. This time, I had all the extras and goodies first that I had to sort through and decide what to cut out for my 10 page limit. And you get some nice goodies in the book, like the full crew of the Meriweather.

Ya know, I just realized that I have accidentally scaled down the pages. If the more technically inclined would right-click and observe the image properties, what is supposed to be 800x1010 is instead displayed as 600x750. I thought it was looking bigger on my hard drive! Terribly sorry... Artists tend to be known for their scatterbrains, no?

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