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August 14, 2014, Thursday

Moss Mountain

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I can smell the sulfur of that pool from here. Apparently I'm not the only one smelling strange things.

I also got two more pages of the prologue finished this week! Four more to go. Emotie: :)

Ya know, one of the hardest geological decisions with this comic has been what continents the land is based on. According to some documentaries, North America has the most diverse, little-bit-of-everything landscapes of all the continents. I guess L'aernth is a bit North American then?

So sorry this is a few days late. Had some fun with internet service outages. I don't know if one of the ever-so-careful good drivers around here careened into a pole or if Charter is being a #$%& again. Still better than AT&T, I guess... AT&T recently pulled the little "oops, we charged your bank more than you authorized us to, we'll give it back in a few weeks" stunt with one of my relatives recently. Considering that now Walmart, Charter, and AT&T have all done the same thing within six months I'm getting very suspicious of these corporations. (Er, more so than usual.) It's looking a bit less like an accident by this point.

For those that were getting uppity about me using a check, this now covers checks, debit cards, and online payments. Cash is still looking like the most reliable method, disregarding the more direct thieves with less lawyers.

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