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August 28, 2014, Thursday


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This page probably means I have officially seen too many Scooby-Doo chase scenes.

Why would he want to listen to one of the little featherballs after they've been robbing him for years? I know that technically monkeys have tails and apes do not, but who's to say it's not a big tuft of butt hair? Or maybe he's a Saiyan!

I remember one interesting documentary on human DNA. I think it was by Nova... Anyway, while checking for some genetic indications of where some muscle disease comes from, he found that a certain muscle gene was broke. In everybody he studied. His theory or discovery or whatever was that humans in comparison are operating at 25% (or 75%?) of their potential strength because if we had 100% like the wild apes, our heads would be much smaller and we would therefore be much dumber since those stronger muscles would cause our jaw muscles to put as much stress on our skulls as the wild apes. How that ties in with another theory that the neanderthal were dumber than us because they had larger brains and skulls, and smaller human brains are more powerful and efficient is beyond me. (Which I learned and later researched in turn from a tax seminar when the speaker was going on about some ribbing between him and his wife and he tried to brag at first about how men's brains are larger until she giggled about why he shouldn't brag about that, but I digress) But what do I care, I like to collect theories! Emotie: =3

And this would be why I can't remember anything. Too many theories bouncing around my noggin...

In other news, I drew a doggy! I'm wanting to draw another, but I haven't decided which one yet. I did joke about drawing a shar pei just to see if he had eyes.

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