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September 4, 2014, Thursday


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I hear wedding bells! Er, maracas, small gourds filled with pebbles and colorfully decorated. A favorite instrument of Kurach even before Wanderlust struck them and they became five distinct breeds.

Well, I guess next year I'll have to officially start building a new computer and replace my current one. 3GB RAM and a dualcore processor just isn't holding up as well to daily use like it did six years ago when I bought it. Some of the jacks are becoming unresponsive too. One of the things definitely on the shopping list is one of those little $15 bays that has card readers, jacks, and a ton of USB ports! I've been rationing out the same six for years, and when every mouse, speaker, keyboard, scanner, external hard drive and everything else all requires a USB connection, ya run out a bit after a few devices. But the first thing to go will be this stupid mouse! All of it will last until I can get it replaced though. I have a good little trooper. Emotie: :)

Ah, anybody else out there trying to build a computer, go check out You can do all sorts of cross-comparing based on what parts you want to check out. I'll be basing mine around a graphics card my husband gave me when he upgraded his, a EVGA GeForce 550ti. It's been a big help with artwork, since an artist's computer needs many of the same specs as a gamer's computer.

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