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October 2, 2014, Thursday

Ideal Circumstances

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Kanguq is stretching it a bit there, but, yeah, we'll go with "treaty". There was a fleeting thought of "Elders knew all along and encouraged raids anyway", but I am so sick of that plot popping up in both stories and real history, with the exception of sugary-sweet kid shows where everything is way too perfect. So this time, things are going to go smoothly without the after school special. Sometimes mistakes truly do happen and things can still end well. Another possibility is that I have been watching entirely too much Star Trek over the past few years. It rubs off on ya. Emotie: XD

Saturday is the annual harvest festival! I haven't been to it since 2010 and I'm really looking forward to going. One of these years I'm hoping to join the other arts and crafters and set up a table. Making stuff will be easy, deciding on what I should make is the hard part!

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