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October 23, 2014, Thursday

Northern Wedding

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Is it snow? Is it stars? Open to interpretation!

I'm rather fond of the "tie the knot" kind of ceremonies. Since I seem to marry off the characters every so often, might as well showcase it at least once.

JAD has now been online for five years! I know I didn't do a wallpaper or anything last year because I was under so much stress with moving and all, so this year I have a wee surprise. The JAD prologue! It's been written since April 2010, but it went through two drafts in comic form before I made this one. The first I attempted in 2011 and this version has been drawn on since 2012. Didn't think it'd take two years to do twelve pages, but, eh, the comic has been present during some of the most hectic years of my life. Hope you enjoy the prologue! You can find it at the beginning of the comic now.

Soooo many errors with last week's page. The biggest being that I put half of this week's page on last week's page. And I forgot Shanku's pinnafore in half the panels of the part that did belong with last week. Don't ask me how I managed to do that. I have a theory though. And ya know, I don't understand all the fuss made about babies. Infants and babies are a peace of cake. Toddlers? Nightmare. All those women I knew who whined and moaned about how awful their infant was (and they were first time mothers) surely must be alocholics now because if they couldn't handle a baby, I know they can't handle a toddler.

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