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November 6, 2014, Thursday

Tea Time and Needlework

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I have no clue what they're making. I just wanted to draw some needlework. Shanku is passing on her knowledge of crochet and learning a bit of Huata's knitting. If I wanted to be really mean to her, I'd make her learn the knitting with four needles. Heehee.

Dakota, Huata, Yakone, Kanguq, Suqi and Sivoy, Unnuk, Shanku, and Innugati, all enjoying tea!

Whee, writer's block! I've got the last pages written, I've got the first half written (as I'm sure you could tell), and I've got an idea for most of the middle. This page? Took a while. At least I figured out what they were making by the second part. Underwear! Nice warm things to wear under all that fur. Er, when not in Feral mode, anyway.

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