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November 27, 2014, Thursday

Accountability and Pending War

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And cue freak out by Shanku. I hope I didn't just turn this into one of those cliché "unwilling hero" stories... I think I'll just stay off of TV Tropes for a little while. For those who want to know who Koru and Yiki are, go drop by the "How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet" story in the store. I have a free version up so you can at least read it. And I'll get it on KaBlam one of these eons when I'm able to finish the interior images.

And those shaky leaves and logs in the first panel is freak out aftermath from me! When I say "I don't like unexpected phone calls", I mean "my cell phone is personal, private, and for family only, and all spammers will be reported to the FCC and DNC so long as I'm on the Do Not Call list". Not that the FCC or DNC are good for much, but it makes me feel better to file a complaint online since they can't hang up on me mid-sentence when I ask to be taken off the junk list. I've filed three complaints today alone.

Working on this page encountered a new difficulty. I'm used to having burst blood vessels in my hands since I'm pretty clumsy and always running into something or another, but this time it happened in the pointer finger of my drawing hand. Awkward!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all of you have warm, yummy meals and time with loved ones. Emotie: :)

A reminder that next week the December newsletter goes out. Along with discounts for 25% off, there is also a 10% Christmas discount. Which means an 8"x10" usually $30 would be $19.50 and my $15 OC Sketch Sheet would be $9.75. So if you're buying a gift or wanting a holiday-themed piece, you get the additional 10%. Sign up at

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