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December 18, 2014, Thursday

Take Me Home, Country Roads~

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This page brought to you by "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver. Because I love that song and Shanku is going home. Emotie: :)

My scanner gave me a wee scare on this page. It made an awful whirring sound and the scan arm wasn't moving. A bit crooked, actually. I was concerned that while putting it up last time I might have damaged it somehow. Only thing I could figure. So I flipped it upside down to figure out how to take it apart and put the arm back on its track. Wouldn't ya know it doesn't have any visible screws? Anywhere? Thankfully the process of shaking it upside and down searching for screws put the arm back on track and it's working again.

Thus concludes the first half of the story. I'm taking my traditional two-week vacation from the comic to do some scripting and writing (or catch up on late pages, yearly tradition it seems). Come back next year for part two! Or the start of part two. I'm not doing twenty-five chapters in one year. I didn't have that kind of time even when I was single and jobless!

Chapter Notes:
Still have mixed feelings over making almost an official conflict and ally/enemy story move. Eh, can't be aimless forever, I guess.

Arc Notes:
Shanku's spent a lot of time as a fuzzball in this volume. And the last volume. I'm looking forward to getting back to the lesser form!

Part 1 Notes:
Twenty-five chapters, five volumes, and five years... If you've enjoyed the story so far, you're welcome to hang around for the remaining five years. Of this story. I have a sequel planned! Time will tell if it's also a ten year story.

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