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April 16, 2015, Thursday

The Other Little Brother

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Muso! I knew Shanku had two other little siblings, but I didn't expect Muso. He's silly and makes me giggle. Granted, I didn't explicitly expect Banhi either. She scares me!

I doubt that's the last Shanku's seen of that twerp. Definitely one of the pages that had me cringing to draw. I know I've had a few dramas and stuff in the comic in the past, but Shanku hasn't really been directly involved with the other characters. She's mostly been an observer. Now one of them is reaching out to her, and it feels awkward.

This page encountered a new difficulty. So I bring my comic to work so I can doodle on it during down time, right? Everybody knows I keep my art stuff in a little corner of my desk away from everything else. And they know not to touch it. Until now, it's not really been a problem, they enjoy it, and sometimes have me make new art for the office. Today, one woman calls me out of my office to do her work, and then she goes in and breaks my pencil while I'm gone. I've used that pencil for six years! It's put out all of the comic to date, quite a few commissions, and a whole bunch of other stuff! It's like my little best friend. And then she just breaks it!? Oh yes, very mad Ashe. I went home early to raid the stores and pray I could find another.

My pencil is very hard to find. It may be just a clicky pencil, but it's a side-click and it has a cap. Very, very important. Very, very hard to find. You can find a side-click easy enough, but this thing was the perfect width, had a properly shaped side-click, and it had a cap to protect the eraser so the stupid thing wouldn't break off at the base or fall out and thus make storing lead a royal pain in the butt. And nobody carries it. Fortunately for me, Pentel still carries it on their site, and thankfully they had it on sale. I've got two on the way. Just in case some other nitwit destroys one. Emotie: -_-*

This really sucks, I've been on a great art streak for two weeks. I'd hate for it to come screeching to a halt because one idiot had to go grab my pencil for a stupid appointment rather than use the one I already had lying next to the appointment book. Argh, why are people so incredibly stupid!? Open your eyes, woman. Pay attention next time! Grrrr! I've got a few other pencils I can use, but I'm not very comfortable with them. I want my T3! Please come in soon~

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