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May 21, 2015, Thursday

Hey, Dad... How ya been?

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Everybody was looking so good... Then I lost it on Zanzen. Oi vey!

Those two always were pretty close. Shanku was the fighter of between her and Hilael, and Zanzen is officially one of the clan's warriors.

And I have my pencil again! Emotie: :) Had to order it online, but I've got a good art pencil again.

Chapter Notes:
I loved this chapter! Actually, it made me cringe several times, quite a few awkward and painful moments. Thank goodness for little Muso to relieve some tension. Don't ask me where his name came from, it just came to mind and got stuck.

I had this thing fully written out. It was 6000+ words. About twice the length of my usual chapters. I blame Shanku. I guess I could have truncated down to a vague overview where she told her mom about where she's been, but I wanted to expand it for once. Maybe I should post a rough draft in a few days for y'all to check out, no?

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