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July 23, 2015, Thursday

I am calm!

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Every time I've had to deal with people in serious matters, they were this ridiculously distractable and completely unable to focus on the matter at hand. In example, a woman rescues her kid from drowning in the ocean, and the photographers are too busy taking pictures of her scandalous exposed nipples to offer a hand or even notice there is a dying kid in the water. Same thing here. Shanku comes bearing ill tidings, and all the Elders care about is that she's home early. Why are people so stupid? As much as I'd like to write the Elders as having a brain, experience dictates that would be unrealistic.

Anywho, in other news, I've got one bookkeeping account caught up and I think I'm about halfway through the other. These lines-only pages should come to a halt soon and all will be properly shaded again. Emotie: :)

Last week's page is now finished as well. It's not just line work anymore.

Yeah, I'm grumpy this week. Lotsa bad news articles making negative sweeping generalizations about people of different categories I'm in. A couple of nutjobs has a bad idea and the rest of us get blamed for it because of superficial similarities. I hate the media. I really do. It gets old being told you're a monster and the bane of society on a regular basis a few times over.

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