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August 6, 2015, Thursday

Food, glorious food!

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Do not eat pokeweed unless you have studied how to prepare it. It can be rather unpleasant. Stomach pain, nausea, headache, diarrhea, convulsions and seizures, funny heart rates, difficulty breathing, and death are all possible side effects of eating improperly prepared pokeweed leaves. The berries to a lesser extent. Never eat the roots. How we came to eat it, I don't know. But I love Angela Gillaspie's thought: "Several generations ago, my foremommas probably had about six to eight hungry kids to feed, and my foredaddies were out in the fields picking cotton or tobacco. Out of sheer desperation, my foremommas thought, 'Lookit this here weed, it's so purty and green -- I bet it'd eat real good. All I have to do is cook it to pieces and smother it with lard.' And then, history was made and passed down from generation to generation." Personally, I say pass on the pokeweed. Eat the kudzu instead.

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