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October 8, 2015, Thursday

Fernwick Hospitality

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Another circular room? Why do I do this to myself!?

It definitely works out better writing these things ahead of time instead of trying to transcribe a comic page into its written counterpart. Some times. Other times it becomes a crowded mess of text since I'm not sure yet what to cut and what to leave in.

Chapter Notes:
This took longer than originally thought for all parties involved.

My labs came back great! Apparently my immune system is "perfect". Verbatim. Yes, that went quite to my head to hear that. Emotie: ;)

My new diagnosis is "way too much stress". I didn't think it had gotten that bad, but it would seem so given the physical manifestations I get to deal with. Yay. Eh, gotta do what I gotta do to take care of the family. I just hope my body can hold out until I can claw us out of this hole.

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