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October 15, 2015, Thursday

Fernwick Council

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In local site news, the Character pages have been reworked and are now back to the characters having their own individual pages. I learned some nice new PHP tricks that makes the template thing so much easier. I'm also bringing back the bestiary, piece by piece. The Kurach are finished (for now) and all the Kurach characters have a link to the appropriate breed they belong to. Five years after starting the comic I finally made a Sylvan reference I like that comes close to representing the stats and notes I keep in my head. And that I can share. While the previous one was a good reference for all five breeds, it had some notes most would find irrelevant. I may make a reference for the other four breeds, but it'll be a bit before I get around to it. There is nudity on the Sylvan ref sheet. Unbalanced nudity. I learned most of my stuff from Andrew Loomis and that's my excuse. Emotie: ^,^

Workin' on October pages in December. Yeargh. I'll quit griping about it when I get caught back up.

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