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October 22, 2015, Thursday

Backwards Ferals

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I was feeling so good about this page. I've noticed I've hit a new plateau in my art skill. My males look like males with their broad features, my eyebrows are getting some good definition, my ears have recently improved and are looking pretty good, my wings have also taken a half step up with how I'm finally getting the feathers to overlap, and there are those fancy duds for the Imperials. Chest designs are a real branch out for me, even if these are rather plain and boring. All in all, I'm feelin' pretty good as an artist. And then a little voice pops up in the back of my mind: "'M'? Sleeveless jerseys? What are they, the Imperial Marauders basketball team?" Good feelings gone. Emotie: @_@

Anywho, yes, the Ferals are pretty much considered hillbillies. Generally anti-social, keep to themselves, have little interest in travel beyond visiting family or friends, and don't have a problem with you so long as you and your strange ways (like magic) stay away from them. They very slowly will adapt to progress out of curiosity because they're pretty happy with the way things are and have plenty of necessities like food and shelter. Unless you piss them off, then they'll feud with you until everybody's dead.

The Imperials are more progressive. Conquest, expansion, controlling vast areas, and all that other stuff, despite having enough necessities. Things that makes me want to slap sense into them and are probably the same qualities I lack that make me very unattractive to those who are recruiting salespeople. Because I'm a hillbilly. Or a hillnanny, if you want to get technical about gender-based goat titles. Emotie: ^_~

Oh well, it takes all kinds. Even in a fantasy story.

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