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December 17, 2015, Thursday

More Sylvan Secrets

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Annnnd the Ferals just turned into Klingons! They're way too scruffy to be honor-bound bishie babes anyway.

Much too wishful thinking on Shanku's part. Once something gets that screwed up and a lie gets that deeply ingrained, it will never be repaired. The winners write the history and the losers write the songs. It's the way it's always been and will always be. Made even worse in a society that doesn't have a common writing material yet. Most Sylvans can read and write enough to leave messages on walls, but there aren't any journalists or books yet. Just the bards. And only so much wall space.

Chapter Notes:
I've been looking forward to revealing a few of the underlying twists and motives for some time now.

Arc Notes:
It felt good to bring Shanku back home. Even if I did have to send her off again so soon.

During this very frustrating hiatus I have come to realize something. After five years of working on JAD, it has become vital to my well-being. I had thought at first that the comic was simply a reflection of the stress in my life. The better that artwork, the less stress. The worse the artwork, or the prevalence of delays, the worse the stress. Oh no. Much more than just a pressure gauge. It is the closest thing to a routine I've got in my chaotic life and working on it also keeps me focused. In these past five years, I've gone through quite a bit. Seasoned wives and mothers still can't figure out how I made it through some of the situations, much less with an untreated heart condition. (Which I now have a wonderful CRNP lady looking out for me and helping me! Who I swear is half-naturopath, which makes her that much more awesome.) Some folks in art exchanges I'm in wonder how I can do all those feathers in detail. The repetition is just more therapy keeping me that more anchored. Considering this page was due on December 15 and here I am working on it in February... Yeah, August was a pretty bad month that knocked me to my knees in a number of areas.

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