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February 18, 2016, Thursday

Jail Bird

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I think I've driven the point into the ground by now. Emotie: @_@

Still doing typology research. Kind of an extension from the psychology passion my mom instilled in me since she has a degree in it. Learned I was raised by an ISFJ and ISTP. How they made an INTJ I'll never know. I'm supposed to get on with them worse than the ENFP, but I much, much prefer their company to the ENFP I deal with. Maybe because she's a "sick" ENFP? At least my mother and I are having a field day going off on wild theories and research as this is one area we connect on well. My dad says I'm not allowed to psycho-analyze him anymore because I completely nailed his type before he even took the test. Emotie: ^_~

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