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March 17, 2016, Thursday

Calm Before the Storm

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That little nugget of information actually wasn't planned! Way back when Shanku was trudging around in the dark with Yakone, I thought I'd slip in some more neat info about polar regions I'd come across. You hear all the time about the sun not rising for weeks, but not much mention of when it never sets. I had the Arctics take up the Russian White Nights festival. Well, those far enough north for the sun to always stay up in the sky for a few days or more, anyway. And while I was working on my spreadsheet that helps me keep track of dates in the story, I noticed about what time it was getting to be. And started brushing up on some of my past notes on the Sylvans. Yeaaaah, that Feral elder was right to be a bit concerned by the Fernwick Rebels' gloating.

Heh, that poor deer reminds me of a dumb remark I read recently. "Why do they have goats classified as bovids? They're not cows! Morons..." Actually, goats are in the bovidae family, along with sheep, buffalo, bison, oxen, antelope, and gazelles. Pretty much all your split-hoofed ruminants that have two or more horns. The "bovine" title tends to go strictly to cattle. As for all the other -ines, well, there be lists! Goats are caprine, deer and moose are cervine, sheep are ovine, antelope and gazelle are so creatively named antilopine and gazelline respectively, wolves are lupine, foxes are vulpine, dogs are canine, cats are feline, lions are leonine, and you can check other -ines on the link.

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