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March 31, 2016, Thursday

Watchful Eyes

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No, that is neither Anoki nor Eru. We haven't seen the last of them, but it's not time for them to be seen again. Emotie: ;)

The theme of this page seems to be the stampede from Lion King. I think I'm turning into my own mp3 and movie player...

I learned recently that one grandfather has stage 0 throat cancer. I didn't know there was a stage 0. Very hopeful, but cancer is cancer. And now I learn the other grandfather has stage 4 lung cancer. If these old people don't get better soon, I'm gonna kill 'em. I don't need this stress any more than they do! Emotie: @_@

On the bright side, Little Mischief got to start daycare! And he loves it, thank goodness. He is sooo much more social than his mother.

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