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April 14, 2016, Thursday

Thunderbeast Warriors

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That Thistle chief did warn the Fernwick emissary that there were more than a few disgruntled Kurach to worry about. He didn't explicitly say "gryphons and bison minocentaur", but here we are! Emotie: =P

Bah. That minocentaur started out with this big, long, beautiful torso like a real bison. And now he's as stubby as one of those smart cars. Oh well, better luck next time, eh? Poor ol' Sage way back in the first chapters was something of a limousine Clydesdale, so I guess that's where all the excess body length got off to. The minocentaur isn't the only one with proportion issues in this drawing either. Oi...

Thank goodness this damn tax season is nearly over. As if there isn't enough going on, my kid's got pinkeye and I've got my first sinus infection. I don't know if it's a mututation from the cold he got from me since "adenovirus" is supposed to be the main factor of both, or if he got it from daycare, or from his cousin even though his cousin was on the last two days of drops that you do after it clears up.

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