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April 21, 2016, Thursday

A Yamaer Welcome to the Nyre

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The raiders had to go full feral for this one.

And tax season is finally over! Good riddance! Bad enough dealing with the stupidity of Congress and the IRS without all the other crap that comes with an office job. To top it off, I got the pinkeye too. Ugh... Grounded me from work two days early. With one office manager out with cancer treatments, another out from infections in his ears, sinuses, and throat, all that was left to run the front was me. On top of ten hours a day doing my job in the back preparing tax returns during the procrastinator rush and doing part of the receptionist's job when they got snowed under. And then I'm down for the count. Hope they managed alright those last two days. This has easily been the worst season I've worked through.

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