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May 5, 2016, Thursday

Brother Against Brother

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And yet, today's song stuck in my head is from Warner Brother's Quest for Camelot.

United we stand, now and forever,
In truth, divided we fall.
Hand upon hand, brother to brother,
No one shall be greater than all.

Site work! So much site work! I have done a massive overhaul of the backend of Pretty much the only place that hasn't been gotten ahold of yet is JAD. And I've already got a JAD2 folder where I'm working on how to migrate the new coding over to here. Which will finally fix those blasted page URLs to display by the page name rather than the display date. That is probably my biggest beef with this CMS it currently uses. One thing I like about the CMS I'm developing is that there is no login page. It has to all be FTP'd. Or I go into the official control panel for the entire site and add stuff that way, but the point is it's a wee bit more secure. Another bonus of having a bunch of pages to FTP is that I don't have to deal with a blasted database anymore. I know MySQL is incredibly helpful for a multitude of things, but it's a real pain in the butt for me to deal with because I can't access the tables through FTP and I don't want to hunt down a second program for me to have to use to be able to do everything remotely.

I may add Disqus to the comic. I'm undecided. They've done some really weird crap to their code in the past year that makes it non-functional if I try fill out the configuration file like I'm supposed to. Right now I'm sticking to the old code on the blog and it seems to be working smoothly. Time will tell.

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