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May 19, 2016, Thursday

Bean Snapper

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So many summer memories of snapping and shelling peas and beans... And knowing that's all they'll be anymore is just memories since the one who planted them won't be doing so again. Always unsettling when that final round has come and gone and you didn't know it until later.

I have been pleasantly busy with commission work, and I am so very grateful to those placing orders. And not just for the obvious financial needs. I am one of the fortunate artists who gets a pleasant challenge out of doing commissions. It's been a good boost to my anatomy, shading, and a handful of other things. And I get to meet so many neat people too. Emotie: :)

Chapter Notes:
This chapter has been quite lacking in main characters. But it was fun to get to show a few new creatures! And to have the yamaer shown fully shaded. Still haven't had a chance to go back and shade that line work yet. Someday, someday...

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