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June 9, 2016, Thursday

A Warning

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I guess he technically has six toes on his foot then? It's an interesting varmint. Feline face, boar snout, goat beard (except for this guy), serrated horns, wolf body, cloven forefeet, and reptilian hindquarters. Said to be a voracious predators with horns so strong it could fell trees. Some versions have it with porcupine quills all over. If you start to dabble in folklore and traditional monsters, you really don't have to dig very deep to find interesting critters to add to a story.

Sorry if any anatomy seems a bit tortured in this page. While working on it I discovered I inherited my dad's dislike of listening to somebody eat chips. I shall attempt to tolerate it better, but no guarantees at this time. Not three feet away from me. Emotie: >_<

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