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June 30, 2016, Thursday

Motherly Scolding

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Probably to a reader that seems like bad writing to have her just smack him and then go back to listening. It's nice that you have experience with less random relatives and acquaintances. Emotie: @_@

You know, you'd think something as incredibly common as lung cancer, especially with adenocarcinoma being the most common form of lung cancer, would mean it'd be a breeze to cure with all the research likely to have gone into it. Not really. After all, there currently is no way for them to vaccinate against the common cold. Of course, his current condition isn't that much of a surprise. We all read the available data to give ourselves an idea of what's coming. Although we have no clue how he wasn't involved in the top three causes, which are smoking, radon gas, and asbestos, unless it came from working in that weird black soot at the power company during his prime. The average expectancy after diagnosis of stage 4 is about 8 months and those who end up living another five years have a chance of 4% or less. There is something very sureal and eerie about watching a disease like that replace somebody you know. Well, maybe not replace, but becomes so strong that their normal behaviour becomes suppressed in favor of what's gotten into them. My first exposure to it was with one of our dogs. Imagine all the alarms that went off when I saw him about a month or two before he got diagnosed, 'cause he looked exactly like she did, and there was a very disturbing and nagging feeling about him not coming next door for the last annual Christmas gathering since he was feeling a bit puny. Having grown up in the country with lots of animals both wild and domesticated, I am slightly more prepared for the final stages. As one guy pointed out, it's so odd that we obsess over teaching children how life begins, but we never tell them or even adults about when life ends.

I just hope he lasts until this weekend so I can bring Little Mischief by one more time. I've got a feeling we won't be going to enjoy the fireworks this Independence Day.

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