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August 4, 2016, Thursday

"Quite a Handful"

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Those dang wood borers have nearly destroyed part of my clothesline. Can't they go bore into a tree or something instead? I need to go get some of that expanding foam and block the holes.

Time for another summertime cold! I dunno what it is about air conditioners, but they bring me down more often than normal winter air. I pretty much stay congested all summer long. (We've got the AC set to 81°F, so it's not like I'm in a freezer.) After ten years it gets really old having morning sickness nearly every day or several times a day thanks to either congestion or sensory issues. I will never understand why some people choose to barf on purpose.

Two weeks ago was another round with dang pinkeye. Another week fumbling around and waiting to see clearly again. Bleh. I gotta find a beekeeper and get some raw honey. Supposedly a home remedy says taking some honey and cinnamon a few times a day goes a long way to staying healthy and beating a cold faster. Probably tastes better than cough syrup and I'd imagine comes with a lot less side effects than the stuff on the shelf does. And legal trouble for that matter. Oh the joys of having children when the least little thing you do gets you labelled as a child abuser! Can't even change a diaper without a whacko breathing down your neck these days. Still wish I'd gotten that hag fired for that one.

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