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August 11, 2016, Thursday

The Grove Calls

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Poor ol' Katari. He's going to grey early if he keeps this friendship.

Election year! Wonderful, glorious election year! When I was a kid, my mother got us these Schoolhouse Rock tapes. America Rock keeps coming to mind. Namely, the Three Ring Circus. I'd say a government full of clowns and people with strange fashion taste sounds about right. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if it ever cross the queen's mind, "thank goodness they revolted, I'd hate to be responsible for that thing". Emotie: =P

Wanna know the secret to winning the South? Fire ants. If you make it part of your presidential speech to get rid of fire ants, we'll probably back you through anything. Emotie: :D
Well, that's how you get the southeast. The southwest would probably appreciate some good beekeeping.

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