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August 18, 2016, Thursday

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Yes, yes, I know those wings have issues. I was having an off-day with artwork. Emotie: @_@

So, for kicks, I've been MBTI typing some of the cast. It has been rather insightful on many levels. And now looking through the MBTI lens at some of the characters just brings all sorts of demented giggles. In example, the "how each type is likely to die" list: ENTP, an elaborate magic trick gone wrong. Shanku is an ENTP. I once drew her pulling Storm out of a hat. Or on the "types when travelling list", ENTP is listed as "The fun one who provides an air of spontaneity. Someone who would suddenly decide to change an activity or run through the streets." Or, ya know, start carrying on a fulfilling conversation with a parrot in the middle of a busy marketplace.

I've got all of Shanku's family typed and listed on their character pages. Well, except for Tahir. I was quite surprised how many of her family actually were in the common range. Kinda thinking about posting their responses to the questions. It's certainly much easier than those "if you don't know your character's favorite food then you don't know your character!!" questionnaires they pass out. How the heck should I know what Shanku's favorite food is? She eats just about anything!

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