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September 8, 2016, Thursday

"What kind of sacrifice?"

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Well, in my defense, it wasn't originally meant to be that hard to find. It only became pushed out of memory after the great war despite the protests of those who had enough sense to know that censoring history was a bad idea. Not that us on Earth have done a good job listening to George Santayana either.

Star Trek is often my background noise of choice when I'm not in the mood for music. This latest round is going through Deep Space Nine. Again. For the third or fourth time now. I wasn't in the mood to deal with Q, who delights in tormenting Picard and Janeway, and Sisko gave him such a well-deserved sock in the jaw. Deep Space Nine seemed quite the logical choice based on that. The only problem in avoiding Q is having to deal with Kai Winn. Evil, evil, in-serious-need-of-intervention Kai Winn... Thank goodness I'm up to the part where Worf joins the crew, that makes the crazy lady more bearable. I've got a soft spot for Klingons. I really must applaud John de Lancie and Louise Fletcher for how well they portrayed their thoroughly contemptible characters, and of course the writers who laid the ground work for Q and Kai Winn. There haven't been that many characters that have made me want to throttle them to such a degree. I sure couldn't write a character like that 'cause I'd probably end up stabbing the paper! Emotie: =P

I don't know if I can call myself a Trekkie since I have yet to go through the original series, Enterprise, or the animated series. And there is the Discovery prequel to the original series coming in 2017, so there's that one. Then there are the thirteen movies currently out... I'm not even about to try to find books and comics. I hear there are hundreds of them.

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