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September 15, 2016, Thursday

War games it is then!

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Either one of them is too relaxed or too serious. Maybe a bit of both.

Annnnd cold #5! ARGH! Bloody hell, the sooner summer gets gone, the better. This had better not be another year of ten, 'cause I'm in no mood to lose my sense of smell for a year and a half afterward again. Or it be greatly diminished, anyway. At least it's not contagious. Mine are always kind of a perfect cross between allergy and cold symptoms, unless I catch a normal cold from somebody else. Me and my weird body...

For all points and purposes, I'm going to be offline until October 1st. Since that is technically after the equinox, I reckon I'll see y'all this autumn! Enjoy the buffer. Emotie: :)

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