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October 6, 2016, Thursday

The Dispute Decision

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If she was a cat, she'd probably be dead by now with that level of curiosity.

Finding a sheep breed for their wool was fun. In the process, I found out the name of the sheep used in Babe. Border Leicester. I picked Cotswold for the Scissortails 'cause they looked pretty neat, but further down in the Nyre they favor Perendale and Romney sheep. Might have made the face too small on this fellow. Or maybe I want a little too nuts with the wool? It's a 200lb critter, so I'm thinkin' the face is too small.

Annnd, I'm back online! We now have a beautiful baby girl to go with our handsome little boy, both of them strong and healthy, so I'd say my family is well rounded out. I cannot get over how quickly I have physically bounced back. I'm still being very careful so I don't over do it and hurt myself, but I haven't felt this good in ages. Even with the usual sleep deprivation that comes from a hungry baby that has to eat every few hours. Emotie: :)

Chapter Notes:
Well, this chapter certainly took a sharp veer away from the original script! But I really like where it went.

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