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October 13, 2016, Thursday

Picking Teams

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The Keeper may be based on an eagle, but I am strongly reminded of the old glares my bantam roosters used to give me when I'd try to pet them.

Argh, such a busy week! Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Three days on the road with paperwork. You don't get six weeks of maternity leave from the government. Or when you're self employed. Hell, I didn't even get six days! Three days after the baby was born I was being pressured for an appointment and then flat out told I had an appointment. Granted, the appointment would be two weeks after birth, but I don't appreciate being woke up under normal circumstances and I particularly don't appreciate being harassed when I'm recovering from having a kid. Drawing for folks is fairly easy since I can do that from home at a pace I can handle. But being forced to go to the office for a few hours with no consideration of a nursing newborn and normal sleep deprivation associated with newborns? And then even more pressure when I finally start being firm about having time to recover and rest? And that's the least offensive things those people have done in the past three weeks. Oh well. I'm a survivor. Probably going to have some court-mandated therapy someday and three or more diagnoses, but I'm a survivor. And as they say, what doesn't kill you gives you some unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark, twisted sense of humour.

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