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November 3, 2016, Thursday

Shearing Day

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Since these shaggy little fellows get really fluffy really fast, they get a haircut once in early spring before lambing and again in late summer or early autumn. Thus, shearing the sheep has become the precursor to the Scissortail's autumn festivals so they have time to sell bundles of wool for spinning, weaving, and whatnot. Where are the critters kept? Around the edge of the Nyre. More grass for them to nibble on.

Once the Sylvans start to settle down a bit more and take to farming rather than strictly a hunter/gatherer lifestyle where it's easier to move livestock about, they'll turn to growing cotton. Well, the Ferals will. Cotton does better in warmer climates such as where the Ferals live, and flax (linen) does better in cooler climates such as where the Imperials live. (Or so I've heard regarding cotton and flax.) Until then, wool it be!

Heh, and I just realized that this could technically mean the Kurach are "wolves in sheeps' clothing". Emotie: XD

Really sucky Halloween weekend. Mischief picked up a stomach virus, and naturally the parents got it too. In the middle of that, we got to find out a friend committed suicide. Yay.

It is election time, Americans! Get that dude replaced and outta there so we can start our next eight year presidency. And you know it's gonna be another eight year run if the incumbent runs again. We've done that song and dance since Reagan, with the exception of Bush Sr.

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